Thursday, 25 March 2010

Well, it has been a little while. We've been busy not shovelling rain (as it has been surprisingly sunny the last few weeks in our particular bit of this little island). The last thing we reported was that Mr's application was 'in process'. We settled down for a long wait to hear about what would happen next but then...only 3 (that's right - 3!!!) weeks after they started processing the application, it was approved and they were asking for his passport!!!! To say we were excited to hear this news is a huge understatement!

We hastily booked time off work and headed down to the high commission in London last week to drop off his passport for 'visa issuance'. We go back next week to collect the shiny new visa! Hurrah!! Despite other reports on the internet, we found the queueing system quite good and everything seemed to go to plan (aside from my high levels of anxiety while picnicing in the square next to the building). They only allowed Mr inside the building, though so I have no idea what happens in there. They may have made him wrestle a bear or sing 'Oh Canada' backwards for all I know!

We can't wait to go back next week and then celebrate with a couple of drinks in the Canadian pub - more to follow soon!!!

Great news, eh?!

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  1. Great to read your story, Mr & Mrs. Shovel Rain:)