Monday, 1 March 2010

Go Canada Go!

It's a shame that our application is already in progress, as I reckon if we could have submitted my pulse from yesterday's hockey as evidence the immigration guys would've just rubber-stamped the application there and then.

Seriously, this was quite possibly the most exciting sporting event I've ever seen - only the F1 race in Brazil 2008 when Lewis Hamilton won the championship comes close. We were on the edge of our seats for the whole 3 and a bit periods, plus I managed to get to the shops for beer and Doritos in record time between 2nd and 3rd period. We may also have disturbed our upstairs neighbour with our yelling, cheering, commiserating and whoops of joy, all over three hours worth of a roller-coaster of emotion.

While we've watched a lot of hockey before, typically we've taped it and had to come back to it the next day given the time difference. I've seen only a handful of games live so to be able to watch this as it happened, in the evening (UK time - and not stupid o' clock) and to be able to experience what will truly be a classic game was quite special.

Only sad thing is that we're here in the UK and, while most people were aware of what was happening, there wasn't the level of interest. So we were both sad when the game had finished, the coverage had finished, and here we were. We called the folks in Canada who kindly put the phone to the telly so we could hear the medal ceremony. Mrs CSR was a bit sad and really missing home; hopefully not long now.

Oh yeah, and I had a dream the other night about "landing" as a permanent resident. I got through fine, stamped and allowed entry. And then I went on what can only be described as a disasterous all-night drinking session that made "The Hangover" look like a tea party. A night that ended with me waking up the following morning with a pain in my side. I look down to see bandages - turned out I'd had a huge maple leaf tattoo'd on my side! Hahahaha (I mean, I'm laughing on the outside but my mind is quietly fearing the fact that this could happen and is hoping Mrs CSR keeps a close eye on me when we land....)

No news on the application front beyond last week, but then no news is good news.



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