Tuesday, 2 February 2010

How many times should you check the mailbox in one day?

28 January 2010: no record found...

29 January 2010: no record found...

30 January 2010: no record found...

31 January 2010: no record found...

1 February 2010, 3:00pm:
why check again...sigh...we're not going find anything...it's only 11 am in Mississauga, there won't be any updates...okay, okay, let's check one time and then wait till Wednesday (they "officially" update the web system on Tuesdays).

1 Februrary 2010, 3:02pm:

So all we officially know right now is a decision has been with regards to Mrs' eligibility to sponsor Mr to Canada and that they have mailed us a letter with more information. But progress is progress and we are excited! We are assuming it was a good decision and that our paperwork (just to recap: containing all our personal details in one convenient A4 sized envelope) is in transit to the Canadian High Commission in London.

Waiting in anticipation for our letter,
Mr & Mrs

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